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Marc Whitmore is a Grammy award-winning Recording Engineer, Mixer, and Producer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Marc's engineering and mixing work has been internationally recognized. His past collaborations include Jon Batiste, T-Bone Burnett, and Danger Mouse.


Marc studied audio engineering, completed an internship at Blackbird Studio, and spent the first decade of his career in based in Nashville, TN.

He has recorded at some of the top studios in New York City, New Orleans, Nashville, and Malibu.

In addition to studio work, Marc has extensive experience recording artists in unconventional locations, including churches, barns, and concert halls. While Marc is well versed in modern recording equipment and Pro Tools, he prefers to capture sounds with analog tape machines and vintage consoles.

Marc offers recording, mixing, producing, and mastering services to clients, both on-location and remotely. While Marc is based in New Mexico, prefers to travel to wherever an artist feels most comfortable recording. Marc also offers consultations for those who are in the process of building their own studios. 


 Marc is a multi-instrumentalist associated with experimental projects, including Cat Cult, JSRF*,  and his solo work. He primarily plays drums, bass, percussion, guitar, and organ.

Marc Whitmore